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Collective singing has been proved to be much more than another leisure activity.
ECA European Choral Association

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Application: September 1st 2020 to January 31st 2021.

The European Video Award wants to promote and publicly acknowledge the creation and diffusion of high-quality videos connected to the topic “the Benefits of Collective Singing”. 

The European Video Award welcomes videos that:

Showcase inspiring and real stories on the impact of collective singing in the care of the environment, the promotion of physical & mental health, the access to music education, the facilitation of social inclusion and cultural exchange between different age/social groups; OR

Empower real projects in the intersection between collective music and society, showcasing all participants involved (singers, choral leaders, music creators…), as well as the individuals and organisations that lead them.

NOTE: Videos without connection to the main aim of this Award, as stated before, will not be accepted. This includes full music videos of choirs performing a piece, live or virtual.  Nevertheless, showcasing some (physical or virtual) collective singing as part of the videos is highly encouraged.

Technical specifications of submitted videos:

Videos must last ca. between 2 and 5 minutes.

Videos should be HD with resolution 1920×1080, aspect ratio 16:9; suggested video file .MP4 or .MOV